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Sophia Phillips (Ceramic Artist) goes on further to say ...


“'Subversive Clay' will explored clay as a medium capable of challenging artistic, social and cultural issues through investigating past traditions and invigorating future experimentation.


The field of ceramics has a long history of ducking trends and laying its own path in the world of the visual arts. The physical versatility of clay means it is not a medium easily confined to set definitions or aesthetics. It is that slipperiness, both literal and figurative, which makes clay an excellent vehicle for the subversion of accepted norms, as well as an extraordinarily useful material.


The term 'subversive clay' initially leads one to think of the socio-cultural narratives and commentaries explored by many ceramic artists. However there are other quiet ways in which clay and ceramic artists subvert assumptions within and outside the field ... sometimes ideas are forgotten or mistaken for one thing, when in fact they are another, or both. The contradictions, confusions and passionate disagreements over ‘The Vessel’, ‘Skill’ and the 'Is it Art or Craft' question (to name a few) are part and parcel of the ‘clay-game’ along with unkempt nails and questionable footwear. These points of friction are integral to development, exploration and the expansion of knowledge - and ultimately such discussions are about shaking up assumptions.”


Sophia Phillips