3 Great Reasons you should come to the Australian Ceramics Triennale in 2019

Image credit: Stuart Gibson

1. Location

How long have you been saying, you'd like to visit Tasmania?

We are blessed to live on a beautiful island and Hobart is a glorious city, with a rich history, a vibrant art and food culture and much to see and do. May sees the trees across the city in full autumnal display - 42 south is felt in the angle of the light and the silver of the sky. Still sunny days make the Derwent sparkle and brisk nights are perfect for standing by the fire and talking ideas - the big and the small - with old friends and new - over a local mulled cider or a Tasmanian pinot noir - did I mention the great food (and wine)?

Exhibitions, workshops, master classes, kiln firings and studio visits in the weeks prior to and immediately after the triennale will be a great opportunity to explore further flung parts of the state - spectacular scenery, ongoing opportunities for dialogue / networking and more great food (and wine).

Festival of Voices Big Sing
Image credit:Phil Kitt

2. Location

The meat of the triennale - the big four days (1-4 May) will be based at the amazing waterfront pavillion that is Princes Wharf 1. Boasting world class facilities, with a view to constitution dock on one side and the historic Salamanca precinct on the other, PW1 will be your one-stop venue for all of the talks, discussions, demonstrations and more - no need to miss a moment of the action in transit.

With indoor couches and outdoor fire pits, (as well as food and a bar), opportunities for formal discussions, adhoc encounters and firey exchanges will abound.

Across the park from PW1 are the many galleries of the Salamanca Arts Centre, the beautiful Peacock Theatre and a secret subterannean exhibition space. TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery), The Tasmanian College of the Arts (UTas), the Waterside Pavillion and the MONA ferry are a short stroll along the scenic Sullivan's Cove waterfront. We'll make sure there is time in the program for you to explore.

Salamanca Place and Mt Wellington
Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Dick Marks

3. Location

Our location in time is a truly interesting one - well worthy of articulation. The ceramic arts have, for a while now, been experiencing a real resurgence - in a number of ways, for a number of reasons, across a variety of platforms. As we contemplate this wave of popularity / notoriety / celebrity we look ahead to 2019 and consider the opportunities and the risks before us. Will we be dumped on the coral reef or coast into the shore to hop lightly onto the sand - and what gnarly tricks might we execute along the way?

Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & O'Neill Coldwater Classic

Point being, ceramics, in all its glory, is NOW - and then (then past - then future). It's great, we love it. Lets celebrate it and interrogate it and learn from it / learn for it.

See you at The Australian Ceramics Triennale, Tasmania 2019.

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    1. Hello Jhunjhunwala Ruby,
      To submit an expressions of interest in participating as an artist in this event please go to our Expressions of Interest page. You will find a link in the menu at the top of this page. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  1. What a magnificent idea, to honor this earth and soil in an environment surrounded with clay and earth loving people.
    I would love to participate

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