Embracing Risk: Bi-directional Fabrication for Ceramic Artists

Trudy Golley


In this presentation I intend to discuss how I use bi-directional fabrication, a circular process wherein traditional materials and techniques are blended with digital technologies to reveal novel opportunities.

In the creation of my ceramic artworks, the use of traditional methodologies in no way restricts the opportunities for radical innovation. Skill, developed through material exploration, delivers freedom from the limitations of any technique. Working through exciting new possibilities, the elements of risk and transformation are the reason that I make at all.

So how might one incorporate cutting-edge digital tools into an established art practice and make it relevant to one’s relationship with clay? For me, it is through the use of bi-directional fabrication, wherein physical hand-making is integrated with the recent advances in digital design and manufacturing.

I invite you to see how such systems may offer a means by which to expand the boundaries of our practices: a handshake, if you will, between our material traditions and the digitally immaterial.