We are pleased to announce that the potters chosen to participate in the Potters: Produce project are Sallee Warner, Lisa Britzman, Dee Taylor-Graham, Tarsh Bonnice, Susan Simonini and Fiona Wallace.

The committee organising the next Australian Ceramics Triennale (TACTT2019), which will be held in Hobart in May 2019, was awarded funding through the Arts Tasmania Organisations Investment Program to run a lead-in project where six Tasmanian Potters have been participating in a professional development program.  The purpose of the Potters: Produce project is to upskill a group of Tasmanian Potters with the specific knowledges required by Potters who produce work for use in commercial eateries.

The training period has been followed by a Professional Practice phase, where each Potter paired up with a food industry client for/with whom they have developed a product, or small range of products.  To celebrate the conclusion of the project a celebratory lunch is to be held, where the tableware produced by the participants will share equal billing with the produce.