Potters: Produce Project

We are pleased to announce that the potters chosen to participate in the Potters: Produce project are Sallee Warner, Lisa Britzman, Dee Taylor-Graham, Tarsh Bonnice, Susan Simonini and Fiona Wallace.

The committee organising the next Australian Ceramics Triennale (TACTT2019), which will be held in Hobart in May 2019, has been awarded funding through the Arts Tasmania Organisations Investment Program to run a lead-in project where six Tasmanian Potters will participate in a professional development program.  The purpose of the Potters: Produce project is to upskill a group of Tasmanian Potters with the specific knowledges required by Potters who produce work for use in commercial eateries. The project is aimed at assisting the TACTT2019 committee in meet its objective of facilitating the showcasing of local produce served on locally made serving ware in eateries around the event precinct (Sullivan’s Cove) during the Triennale.

The project will be delivered in two phases:

Phase One – Training (Jan – May 2018)

Participants will be engaged in group workshops as well as individually tailored training. 

This training could include, but is not limited to:

Studio skills

Food-safe glaze development

Clay body selection

Form development

Volume production techniques

Business skills




Copyright Law

Small business practices

Whole group workshops will be conducted within Tasmania, for which established practitioners, trainers and mentors from Tasmania and interstate will be engaged. These workshops will focus on core competencies but will be tailored, to some degree, to the needs of chosen participants. Details will be confirmed prior to applicants being offered positions, but it is expected that two group workshops will occur, running for 2-5 days each. The cost of the provision of these workshops is fully provided for in the project budget. Travel and accommodation for participants is provided when required. 

An additional allowance of $1500 per participant is allocated for individually tailored training. This amount must cover any individual travel and accommodation expenses in addition to training expenses, but can be supplemented by the participant. Appropriate opportunities will be identified and negotiated between the potter and the Potters: Produce Project Manager on an individual basis.  These funds can be allocated in any of the following ways:

Individual workshops attended within Tasmania or interstate.

One-on-one mentoring sessions with established practitioners, in person or by telephone/skype.

Short, apprentice-type arrangements with mentors.

Existing online course enrolments e.g. NAVA Online Courses

Phase Two - Professional Practice (May – Sept 2018)

The training period will be followed by a Professional Practice phase, where each Potter will be paired with a food industry client for/with whom they will develop a product, or small range of products.  Potters will be supplied with an allowance for materials and firing expenses and will be paid a fee for their time during this phase. 

This phase, and the project, will culminate in a celebratory function where the pots will be the stars of the show.