Triennale Program*

Operating within the intersections between tradition and contemporary practice, the Australian Ceramics Triennale Tasmania 2019 seeks to embrace diversity and provoke discussion across the spectrum of the ceramic field. 

This program is designed to bring local, national and international practitioners together for the purposes of sharing knowledge and skills and building a strong and inspired ceramics community. We hope that in it there truly is, something for everyone.

Each day the Keynote Address from prominent makers and thinkers in the field will set the theme for the day's discussions.

Presenters will pick up on the day's theme, interwoven with their personal understandings of and relationship to the Triennale's overarching themes of HOLDING SPACE MAKING PLACE.

The Discussion/s, as they are described in the program, may take a variety of forms, from a traditional panel discussion, to a more intimate 'in conversation', to a less formal gathering for debate in one of the side spaces afforded us by the scale of PW1.

For those delegates who are more interested in the how than the why, a host of demonstrators will be working for four days, giving us the opportunity to see some truly great makers on the tools and bringing us a range of methods and approaches, materials and techniques.

Alternatively, delegates can head on over to Side Show Alley and the Don’t Think Just Make tent. Think of this as the on-site chillout zone - the chai tent, with clay instead of chai. Take a break from all the talking, get your hands busy and let your mind rest. Who knows who you might find yourself working alongside.

If you come away from a talk with a burning question, sign up at the Ask the Dr tent for a one-on-one session with one of our resident experts (drawn from our list of presenters, panellists and other notable makers). You'll have 10 uninterrupted minutes to discuss that glaze or kiln or clay body, international residency or conceptual position with regards to function (for example).

Side Show Alley will also house couches, a microwave and a kettle and maybe even a library - we're open to suggestions - and would LOVE some roving performers...

Also in PW1 will be trade stalls, the delegates' exhibition and the TACA exhibition, curated by Damon Moon. We are also considering pop up shops for delegates who would like to sell work during the Triennale.

Saturday morning we will take a break from the talking and demonstrating to allow visitors from overseas and interstate to browse Salamanca markets. At the same time, we will be setting up our own Ceramic Market on the deck of PW1 and inviting the public across the road to see and buy work, watch demonstrations and possibly even try their hand at making.

Beyond the formal program expect a host of morning and evening activities including yoga classes, tea ceremonies, nature walks, film screenings, exhibition openings and the Philosophy Cafe, all within an easy stroll of PW1. The courtyard will have food trucks, a bar and a blazing fire (or two) to mingle by. Coffee carts both inside and out will keep us well and truly caffeinated and make-your-own facilities will also be available.

Last, but not least, expect fabulous opening and closing ceremonies that will bring us all together and celebrate the inclusivity and diversity of our wonderful ceramics community. There will be a lot of fire!

Stay tuned for more details.

*subject to change as planning progresses