The Others



and join us at The Australian Ceramics Triennale in Hobart next year.

The Others is an exhibition opportunity for artists, working with ceramics, whose work is informed by (but not necessarily about) the experience of life as an other.

Whatever the shape, size, colour or flavour of your otherness, if it's an identity you embrace with pride, then join us as we take over a corner of PW1 and hold our space.

Just put your paws up, as Lady Gaga says, cos you were born this way baby.

Entries close midnight 1 December 2018.

Please submit

  • three images of recent work including, if available, an image of the work for inclusion
  • a short bio - max 250 words

Successful applicants will be notified on Saturday 15 December 2018

Works will need to arrive in Hobart no later than 29 April 2019

The funding for this exhibition comes via the support of Arts Tasmania. We are not able to provide artists' fees for the work, but there is scope in the budget to cover freight to and from Hobart (to be negotiated with the curator upon confirmation of selection). There is no fee to exhibit and artists willing to mind the exhibition will qualify for a discount on their Triennale registration.