FIGURE – GROUND: Illustrated Sculpture

with Sergei Isupov

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

22 - 28 April, 2019
Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Join internationally acclaimed sculptor Sergei Isupov for FIGURE – GROUND: Illustrated Sculpture, an intensive workshop exploring the sculpted form in clay, the painted surface and development of a personal narrative.

The workshop is limited to 15 students and will combine hands-on active studio time with demonstrations, one-on-one instruction and illustrated lectures by Isupov. Isupov will lead students through the techniques of slab construction, underglaze painting, and glaze application with the goal of completing several figurative sculptures. Students will use studio space in Waldie's School for the Ceramic arts, a repurposed museum in Snug on the Dencastreaux Channel, 30 minutes south of Hobart.

Sergei Isupov lives and works in Cummington, Massachusetts with his wife, Kadri, and daughter, Roosi. Working full-time as an artist, he has a long, international resume with works included in numerous public collections and important exhibitions. His work is featured in multiple books, catalogs, and magazines, and also shared via workshops and lectures at museums, universities and art centers.

Isupov is known for his highly-detailed narrative, ceramic sculptures, which feature completely illustrated in-the-round- paintings. Isupov continues to explore opposites as themes in his work. Emotional exchanges between men and women allude to romance, an affair, or simply mystery. Our own imaginations are asked to fill in and finish the narrative using personal associations.

The workshop is being held at Waldie's School for the Ceramic Arts, a repurposed museum in Snug on the Dencastreaux Channel, 30 minutes south of Hobart.

Housing and meals are not provided. It is the responsibility of each student to arrange housing and meals independently.

The workshop will run daily 9am–4pm.

Students will need some clay experience to make the most of the workshop.


Complex Plaster Mould Making Demonstration

with Somchai Charoen

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Tuesday 30th April 2019
Time: 9.30am – 4pm
Location: Plaster Room, Ceramics Department, TasTAFE / SoCA Hunter Street

Somchai Charoen is a Thai born ceramic artist based in Sydney who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Trained in industrial ceramic design, he was a former lecture at Silpakorn University, Thailand. Since migrating to Australia in 2001, he has worked commercially as a mould and model maker as well as establishing his ceramic homewares label Eat Clay. Somchai has been working with many artists, designers and ceramics companies including Ben Quilty, Hany Armanious, Rod Bamford , Trent Jansen  Mud Australia and Bison Australia. He is a co-founder of Belmore ITCH, a residency for non-ceramic artist to explore and interpret the medium.

In this one-day demonstration Somchai will discuss and demonstrate how to create a complex prototyping mould that can be used to create working moulds using the ‘mother’ mould technique. He’ll also introduce and demonstrate how to make a simple two-part mould from everyday objects like glass or plastic bottles and geometric forms like cube, cylinder and sphere etc.

Workshop participants will need some mould making experience to make the most of the demonstrations. Participants are encouraged to bring their own objects to discuss how to prepare them for mould making.



Glazes – beyond the recipe

with Isaac Patmore

Dates: Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th April + afternoon review session Sunday 5th May
Time: 9am – 4pm + 2pm – 4pm
Location: Stay Tuned! It will be in Hobart or immediate surrounds
Cost: $400
Participants: min. 6 – max. 10

This 2½-day workshop will cover the fundamentals of glaze making, with the main focus being on how the chemistry of the glaze effects the colour outcome. How and why you must follow rules to gain certain colours. This will be explained through a series of examples showing the roles different materials play in the glaze make up.

On the first day some glazes will be made and some testing techniques explored. On the second day will be focused on glazing application, exploring different techniques of application and using resists to achieve a multi-layered surface. The tests will all be fired, and then the group gets together again a week later to discuss the results and ask more questions.

The workshop is suited for students who are just starting to mix their own glazes or those that seek a deeper understanding of why certain glazes do certain things (intermediate level).

Students will be supplied with all materials and equipment to make glazes, some tiles for testing glazes and a couple of thrown items for testing application techniques.

Students are encouraged to bring some of their own bisqued stoneware work to glaze if they would like. Students are required to bring their own safety gear, such as respirators/face masks.

A venue is in the process of being confirmed – please stand by! It will be in Hobart, or within a very short drive.

For bookings and queries please contact Isaac:

Bone Tool Making

a workshop for ceramic artists, with Iris Orasjarvi

Dates: Monday 29th April & Monday 6th May 2019
Time: 9am – 2pm
Location: tbc, Hobart or surrounds
Cost: $140
Participants: min. 10 - max. 12

This one-day workshop offers students the opportunity to learn the basics of working with bone and to make your own tools. Bone tools can be diverse in shape and size, and when polished they give beautiful finish when used on clay.

Iris is an ancient craft artisan from Finland and specialises in working with bone and horn. Her mother Nanna Bayer is a ceramist and encouraged Iris to work with clay from young age. This life-long association with ceramics has led Iris to make tools from bone for ceramists.

There are two dates available: Monday 29thApril 2019, and Monday 6thApril 2019.

For bookings contact Nanna Bayer:

Nerikomi – The Magical World of Patterns

hands on nerikomi workshop with Nanna Bayer

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Nerikomi, sometimes called Neriage, is an age-old Japanese technique for creating repeat patterns with contrasting colours of clay. It is a fun and fascinating process that offers a broad range of possibility, from minute control to unexpected surprises - the play with patterns is an endless game and highly addictive.

In contrast to the strict geometry of traditional nerikomi pattern making, this workshop will emphasise play and playfulness in the making of motifs.

Over three days, participants will learn to use oxides and stains to colour different types of clay which will then be used in various hand building techniques.

For eleven years Nanna Bayer was based at The Design Village, Fiskars, Finland. She is now living and working in Tasmania. With over 25 years experience working with nerikomi, she has exhibited worldwide - from Iceland to Japan - and has run workshops in many countries including Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia

The workshop is being held at Waldie's School for the Ceramic Arts, a repurposed museum in Snug on the Dencastreaux Channel, 30 minutes south of Hobart.

For bookings contact Nanna Bayer:

Raku Workshop

@ Artisan Pottery

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Sorry, this workshop is fully booked.

Suitable for beginners and those who like to get their hands dirty!

Sunday April 28, 11am - 3pm.
Making pots for Raku firing.
Using a variety of hand building techniques and the potters wheels (electric and kick) you will be guided to unleash your inner artist to pinch, roll, bash and throw the clay into whatever you desire. The only constraints are size and your imagination!
Your registration free includes 3kg clay and your creations will be dried and bisqued before the second part of the workshop.

Sunday May 5, 12pm - 4pm
Glazing your pots and firing in a wood fuelled Raku kiln. Glaze and three small bisqued pots included. Extra bisqued pots available to purchase.
Those participating on this day only may bring their own small pots (max 40cm wide by 45cm high), which must be bisqued and made of a suitable Raku clay.

Booking: via Artisan Pottery website
Contact: Lisa Boyter