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jANE  Bamford

Jane Bamford is a Tasmanian artist with a BFA from University of Tasmania followed by an Associateship at the Jam Factory in Adelaide. She has been working in clay for over 27 years.


Jane has consciously moved her artistic practice to focus on projects in collaboration with scientists and researchers. In 2017 she began a collaboration with Dr Tim Lynch CSIRO and team to design and create 3000 (2018) and 2500 (2019) ceramic artificial spawning habitats to support the critically endangered spotted handfish.


Now working on multiple projects in ceramics, including spotted handfish spawning habitat, little penguin nesting habitat, climate adaption innovation for the greater stick nest rat, and substrate for a native oyster restoration project. She sees artistic design and development of habitat support as innovative and important creative work. Now offering her work to be purchased only to be ‘gifted into habitat’ she promotes philanthropy and has invented and created a circular system to support her work outside traditional threatened species funding.


Jane has become known for pioneering a ceramic arts practice around collaborating with scientists in long term innovative projects, creating functional forms for threatened species support which embody research, functionality, and compassion for the non-human world.



Venue: Witchetty's Forum

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