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Lawrence Inkamala

Lawrence Inkamala was born in Alice Springs in 1985.


Lawrence is the first man to join the Pottery in Hermannsburg for over 27 years. Lawrence is a natural potter and painter. He is skilled with hand building and throwing vessels on the electric wheel. His natural gift with a paintbrush is evident and a great legacy from his family and the Namatjira's of Hermannsburg school of painting.

Lawrence lives on his family outstation of Ipalala and is a strong young community member. His long family line of horsemanship is a strong reflection in Lawrences work.

Lawrence is an emerging star at the Hermannsburg Potters and in 2017 was invited to spend two weeks working at the Jam Factory Ceramics workshop as guest artists with five other male potters from remote art centres.

Venue: Araluen Theatre

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