Rumana Hossain

The Recipient of an Australian Postgraduate award in 2015 and UNSW Science PhD Writing Scholarship in 2019, Rumana Hossain has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Engineering in Advanced Engineering Management and holds a PhD in Material Science and Engineering. She joined the SMaRT Center in 2015 as a PhD student and research assistant. Before that she was a lecturer in Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). After finishing her PhD, she joined SMaRT center in 2019 as a MICROfactorie® officer and in 2020, as a Research associate. Rumana is a skilled, professional academic and research specialist with experience across a range of recycling technologies, materials synthesis, and characterisation methods for industrial applications. She is an expert in various analytical, mechanical, and electrochemical characterisation instruments and methods, and materials processing instruments. Her research interest is to utilise waste as a resource in the production of a new generation of green materials/products. Her research also focuses on the solid-state phase transformation mechanism and surface modification of metals and alloys.