pru morrison


Pru Morrison has been a practicing ceramic artist since 2001. Pru is currently work in a studio in Meenjin, Brisbane in the suburb of Nundah. I build forms from observations and experiences of everyday life.

The most enjoyable part of making is creating an open story where questions are asked. I draw on influences from a variety of sources. Over my career I have explored current affairs and politics as portrayed in the media. Sometimes I catch and organise details such as a bow in the hair of the man who lives down the street and the swollen legs that look like real tree trunks on the red head at the train station. These things build a visual language so that when i'm in the studio these snack observations can be drawn and broadened. I use different clay bodies for different work.


I often construct my work using moulds and slip caste construction. More recently I've been working with coil and pinch hand building which brings a different reading to the story. I use terra sigillata mixed with body stains to lay colours and scratch images and words onto the clay surface.

Venue: Araluen Theatre, Central Craft Studio

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