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The Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia invites submissions for the upcoming Australian Ceramics Triennale Conference, WEDGE, to be held in Walyalup (Fremantle), Western Australia from 2nd to 5th October 2025.

WEDGE aims to bring together leading practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts in the field of ceramics to explore and exchange ideas, techniques, and innovations. The conference will provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussions, foster collaboration and enhance relationships in the global ceramics community.  


Wedge will explore connections, collaborations, and divisions within the increasingly sophisticated practices of ceramic artists today. 

Click the link below to read the Curatorial Rationale for more information

We invite researchers, artists, educators, and industry professionals to submit abstracts for oral presentations, panel discussions, and workshops addressing the following themes: 

Exploring Tradition and Innovation: 

  • Traditional ceramics techniques and their contemporary applications 

  • Historical perspectives and cultural influences on ceramics 

  • Innovations in ceramic materials, glazes, and firing processes 

Ceramic Art and Design: 

  • Contemporary ceramic art practices and trends including contemporary craft based contemporary art. 

  • The role of gatekeepers, curators and disruptors in the ceramic field. 

  • Cross-disciplinary collaborations in ceramics 

  • Design applications of ceramics in various industries 

Sustainability and Ethical Practices: 

  • Sustainable and environmentally manageable approaches in ceramic production 

  • Recycling and waste reduction in ceramics 

  • Ethical sourcing of materials and fair trade practices 

Technological Advancements: 

  • Digital technologies in ceramic art and design 

  • 3D printing and additive and subtractive manufacturing in ceramics 

  • Automation and robotics in ceramic production 

Cultural Exchange and Community Engagement: 

  • Ceramics as a vehicle for cultural expression 

  • Ceramics and wellbeing 

  • Ceramics and social impact including socially and culturally inclusive projects 

  • Community-based ceramics initiatives

Submission Guidelines

All Submissions must include:​

  • Name and contact details

  • Brief Artist biography (200 words max)

  • One page Curriculum Vitae

Application Specific Criteria 


Full papers will be academic in nature and address one of the themes outlined above 

  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words and include a title, author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), and contact details.  

  • Submitted abstracts will undergo a blind review process. 

  • Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings 

  • Full papers are to be 5000 words maximum  



Practice led papers may take a range of forms including audio visual presentations, interactive workshops, short films, and may include aspects of personal practice, research, explorations and experiments in the ceramic field. 

  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words and include a title, author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), and contact details.  

  • Please also include supporting material of five photographs and any relevant video and website links or descriptions of the activity or draft illustrations of your intended content. 


  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st August 2024 

  • Notification of Acceptance: 1st February 2025 

  • Paper Submission Deadline: 1st June 2025 

  • Conference Dates: 2nd-5th October 2025 


If you have any questions regarding the applications procedure, please contact us before applying at

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